Sunday, February 21, 2016

LG G5's "Magic Slot"

Rumors have it that LG is all set to unveil its new G5 with a removable battery. Nothing seems anything fascinating until some one tells you that the removable battery would be sliding out from the bottom of the piece.

 Now why do something like that? They say, this new design detour will ensure that the device is a  metal uni-body however retaining the feature of a removable battery. What LG really wants to do with the slot is yet not vividly clear but it is presumed that the company wants to open doors to third party accessory developers that would make utilities that would enhance the G5 experience and give the user to customize their phone and hence making it first of the kind.

To really know what all the fuss is about, we need to wait and watch. LG is all set to unveil  the G5 at the Mobile World Congress on February,21. 

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